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General Liability Waiver

All clients are required to fill out this form before being serviced. This forms outlines expectations between our company and clients.

Medical History Form

It s imperative that we are aware of any foreseen medical issues and medications. This form is required before being serviced. 

Before Your Appointment

There are some need to knows things before we are able to provide our service. These are recommendations that will assist you with better results. 

Minor Release Form

All clients under the age of 18 is required to fill out this form. Parents/Guardians must sign this agreement before any service can be rendered.

Informed Consent & Waiver

This form outlines the companies role, client expectations and acknowledgement. It is required for everyone who is setting up an account the first time.

Wellness Questionnaire

This questionnaire gives us more insight into how we can assist you as an individual. We have put together a plan that is specific to your needs and goals.

General Service Deposit

For all treatments we require a deposit. This deposit applies to the over all cost of your treatment/session if there are no cancellations. 

Client Feedback Survey

You may use this survey to give us your feedback. We love to hear how your session went, if you felt welcomed and if your Specialist did a good job. 

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