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Cellulite Reduction

Let’s get that body smoother and firmer. This treatment is to minimize the visibility of cellulite. It is very affordable and leaves you with no down time, no scarring, increase collagen production, and a more youthful appearance of the skin.  

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Body Wrap & Detox

Improve the skins appearance and texture. Rid the body of excessive fluids and toxins. Boosting metabolism, energy, and temporary loss of inches. Relax in a better setting and maximize your results with additional services.  

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Whole Body Vibration

Sake your body lose! Maximize your treatment with this as an add-on or a standalone. Spend 10-15 minutes doing this service and it accomplishes the equivalent of an hour working out at the gym.

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Deep Release

Relax. Release. Revive. Our deep release session aides in the release of pain, tension, toxins, and tightness/stiffness. Leaving the body more settled and lose. As a stress reliever or therapeutic, you will enjoy the touch. It is perfect as a standalone but even better paired with a stimulating service.

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Fat Reduction

Ready to drop some inches? We rid the body of fat by melting and shrinking the fat cell. This is a non-invasive procedure that helps with stubborn fat. Our session are sure to give you good results that are worth the value.


Infrared Sauna 

Sweat. Sweat and more sweat. Let the body go through the process of detoxing, relieving stress, fatigue, muscle aches, and burn calories. Within 30-45 mins your body is refreshed and renewed.  

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Body Lift

Less sag and more lift. Give your body the ultimate lift one session at a time. On various parts of the body you can refine your body back to a youthful appearance. The face and buttocks are just a few of the primary request for this treatment.

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Electric Stimulation

A therapeutic session that helps stimulate the muscles to contract through low-level electrical current. Mostly used in a physical rehabilitation setting has been benefits across other choices of treatment. Use it to train or retrain your muscles. This is a perfect add-on treatment.

Wellness Inspiration Program

Are you looking for or want a more in-depth wellness experience? We have an affordable program that will empower you during your journey and provide limitless support. If you are interested, click the link below for sign-up. 

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