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We are waiting on you...look no further!

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Make-Up Application

  • Wellness 

  • Body Contouring 

  • Hair (natural)

  • Skincare

  • VT Confidence, Beauty & Wellness Classes

Want an additional service but don't see it listed?
We may have it available, just not listed.

Confidence: Building and Restoring.

Beauty: Giving identity from the inside out. 

Wellness: Growing aware to make better choices.


Whether it's getting a new hair style, a new face beat, or a complete make over,we are here to enrich the beauty that already lies within you. Each professional is here to make sure that the confidence and beauty sector of our company has been fulfilled and makes you shine even brighter.  

 Relax     Rest     Regenerate     Revive


With a holistic approach, we want to make sure that our clients are able to receive affordable alternative healing and medicine treatments that will better their overall wellness. Our non-invasive and body contouring session provide answer with little to no down time.


We have two class structures: active and personal enrichment. Various topics will be taught on a weekly basis. We are excited to share, engage and have a dialogue on topics that are much needed to excel in growth. Physically, mentally and spiritually we are ready to pour into you being a better you. 

Please browse our calendar to select a topic of your liking and visit us.

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