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  • How do I book an appointment?
    Here are the following steps to book from our site: Click on "Select Service" and chose the service of your liking. Secondly, click on "Any Service Provider" and select our company name. Then click on the third column and select the date of your preference. Once you have made your selection and all is correct, the click "search". If you want to add more than one service, then repeat steps 1-3 following through with steps 4. Once you click the "search" button for step 4, a calendar will appear that will allow you to select a time frame or change the date if your preferred time is not available. Proceed to finish any redirects that follows If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via chat, phone, or email.
  • Do I need to download an app?
    There is no need to download the app. You can at your own discretion. All clients must make an account which can be done through email, Facebook, or Gmail. This also allows you to keep up with your appointment history, transactions, points,and much more.
  • How many sessions will be required?
    Every person is different. Your goals may also be different. Some clients will only need a minimum of six sessions and some clients have required as many as twelve sessions to reach their max results. The number of sessions will be determined as the treatments progress.
  • How soon will I see results?
    Results can be seen within the first week of treatments. Our program is different in structure as we require our clients to not only receive the treatments but combine them with a lifestyle change. It is our mission to provide a better wellness experience, not justa quick fix.
  • Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?
    If it is your first visit, please make sure that all required documents are fiiled out in its entirety to not delay your appointment time. Be sure to check your email or text frequently before your appointment to make sure you don't miss any important messages. And show up HYDRATED.
  • Am I able to get assistance with a personalized goal plan?
    Yes. Before your first appointment you may request any goals that you have planned for yourself be outlined. If you have a specific target this will be the time to let your Specialist know via the Consultation. Clients who request these type of plans are usually prepared to be disciplined and follow the plan.
  • Can I combine more than one service for one appointment?
    Yes. If the services that you would like to combined are not already packaged together, we run an on-going special for three or more services bundle with a discount. This offer can be found in our rewards section.
  • I can't make my appointment. Can I reschedule for the next availibility?
    Yes. We have several ways to make this possible. If you are aware at least 24-hours before your appointment that you are not able to make it. Then you can cancel or reschedule at that time. If it is after the cancellation period has expired then you are able to call, email, or chat with us to get you scheduled when your next availability comes up at 50% off the deposit. This must be done within 12-hours after the cancellation period ends for this offer to be applied or you can be added to the waitlist in case someone else changes their appointment.
  • Can I share a package that I purchased?
    Packages can be shared but, we need advance notice. The person you are sharing with must also set up accountto receive appointment notifications. You also need to be listed as their referral source when they sign up for the new account, so we can note the connection.
  • What are the rewards points reedemable for?
    Our rewards points can be redeemed for services and products. They can also be used in lieu of any current promotion, package or memberships you are using at checkout.
If your question is not listed above, click below to ask as many questions until your needs are met.
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