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Email Subscription Reward

      All prospects that enroll in the email subscription program will be able to receive 10% off their purchase of service or retail products. This offer cannot be used multiple times with different e-mails, but the same name, address or number. If the code is found to be abused the discount will be forfeited from the order and charged back to the account that’s found to be in violation.


Feedback / Review Reward

      Whether the feedback is provided via text, written, audio or social media…clients can receive a 5% discount towards any treatments if the feedback is on a public platform or has been published. Clients have 30 days from the recorded or published date of the feedback to use this discount. This offer is redeemable once per month. The discount cannot be rewarded for the same feedback platform in any two given months.


Referral / Bring A Friend Program Reward

      Clients that refer a new client can receive a referral discount added to their profile or at the time of treatment. The new client must indicate who the referral source is on paper or via an online form. Bring-A-Friend clients can receive a reward discount at the time of their service if they bring in a NEW client that receives service on the same day as the referral source. Neither of the rewards above can be used more than three times per month. The value of the discount for both reward programs are 10% and to be used towards treatments only.


Hosting Reward

      Any client or prospect that is interested in hosting a party,k and organize it through our company directly will receive their service free of charge. Any host coordinator can use this offer twice per month. The party must consist of four or more people including the host. All members of the party must pay a deposit at the time the party is reserved. The reservations, deposits and any special request must be made at least 7 days before the scheduled party.


Loyalty Card Program

            This is an affordable option to the membership program for those who would like to take advantage of discounts. Program enrollment is $10 per card. Each card comes with a 10-hole punch system. There is no expiration date. Can be combined with the current monthly special. Participants agree to the terms of our marketing program upon enrolling into the program. The loyalty card discounts will be applied in the order they are listed card.





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