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VTBAWS Loyalty Card.jpg

This is our alternative to the membership program. Take advantage of this offer and still receive the benefit of saving. 



  • No monthly fee

  • No Expiration Date

  • One Time Purchase Fee

  • Savings on each visit 

  • Can be purchased as gifts or giveaways

  • No limit on how many you may purchase or use 

  • Can be combined with one other special, offer or promotion

VTBAWS Loyalty Card back.jpg



  • If you misplace or lose your card, please let us know. The card replacement is $1. The card is also marked and linked to your name and profile. We will not let someone else use a card that is linked to your number. 

  • All cards that are purchased as gifts and giveaways are also linked to your profile until the new user registers for an account that links them as a first time user. 

  • Cards that are given to new users must register for a new account and list the purchaser as the referral source.

  • If you come to receive service and do not have your card present, we are able to digitally mark your card and provide the reflection on your receipt. 

  • If you combine your card with another offer, specials or promotion and your card is NOT present, please be sure to ask the Representative to pull up your Loyalty Card account so that you may use those benefits too. 

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